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Beijing Huayi Ruichi Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a limited liability company specializing in high-tech door control systems. Specializing in the sales, design, production, installation, maintenance and supporting projects of various automatic induction doors, automatic revolving doors, floor springs, door closers, access control systems and other equipment and related door control systems. The company consists of business, engineering, technical service, research and development, marketing and integrated supply departments. There is a supporting processing factory, two construction teams, and each department has a full-time division and can cooperate in combat. Providing corresponding personalized products and solutions to different customer groups has become a company's outstanding advantage. Its reliable product quality, unique appearance design, standard manufacturing process and perfect after-sales service have won the company's initiative in the rapidly changing market competition. The company's standardized operating procedures and modern management model have aroused unanimous praise from the industry and customers, and have enabled the company to develop steadily and benignly.

Company profile_company profile-beijing huayiruichi automatic door technology Co., ltd. In terms of automatic door installation projects, the company has successively sold and constructed a number of mid-to-high-end projects in Beijing and its surroundings: 1. China Exim Bank 2, Ministry of National Security 3, Shangdi Returned Overseas Venture Pioneer Park 4, CCTV Internet Website 5. Wangfujing Cuihua Building 6, addidas Wangfujing Store 7, Beijing Weijing Command 8, Tianjin Jinhui Plaza 9, Taiyuan Customs Building 10, Chengde China Mobile Building 11, Beidaihe National Planning Commission Sanatorium, etc.

Reliable products, mature application solutions-providing customers with excellent value for money is the core competitive advantage of Huayi Ruichi. Relying on the company's technical strength, perseverance and good reputation, the company has become one of the enterprises with the most complete product structure, the most stable product quality, and the most complete supporting equipment in the automatic gating industry in Beijing and surrounding areas.

Beijing Huayi Ruichi Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd. is an old Beijing automatic door production, sales, installation, after-sales service and intelligent door control engineering implementation company. With a group of professional technical service personnel running day and night between new and old customers, to provide customers with the best design solutions: skilled construction team can provide customers with perfect engineering masterpieces. Based on the service tenet of "Thoughtful and Fast, Pursuit of Excellence", the company will provide customers with full service before, during and after sale.

"Creating category standards and leading the industry trend" has become the common goal of all employees. The company will further improve every aspect of the operation process, and strive to provide customers with comprehensive personalized solutions. The strength and credibility of DeFulai Automatic Door Company has become a beautiful landscape in the automatic door control industry.

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