SOGO automatic door machine SOGO80_NSG80101 automatic door system

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SOGO automatic door national authorized dealers-Sales Hotline: 010-59799589 , SOGO80 automatic door is an upgraded version of SOGO75 automatic door unit. As the multi-function port of the controller is increased, the remote control function is added, which is more convenient and powerful.

SOGO automatic door is the earliest economical and durable product launched by Panasonic. It adopts PU wheel hanger and brushless DC motor to ensure the quiet and smooth operation of the unit. The controller uses a high-tech chipset, and all components ensure the supply of well-known manufacturers to ensure the stability and reliability of the SOGO80 automatic door system.

SOGO advantages explained:

Excellent quality

NSG801002 new microcomputer controller , the system automatically detects the setting, rebounds when blocked , manual control regulator

Support emergency power-off opening function

Energy saving <br /> Adopt door opening width controller to ensure automatic full or half open to reduce air convection, save energy and cooperate with double door linkage device, perfect sealing effect

Convenient installation <br /> Adopt card slot installation design, simple and convenient installation, rocker-type hanger, can adjust the height of the door, front and rear multi-directional adjustment, self-tightening belt tensioning device, control belt tensioning, all electrical wiring uses quick connectors

Quiet and safe
Brushless DC motor NSG801001 , turbo worm drive. High power, low noise and multi-function remote control device can realize multi-level hierarchical control, suitable for different places of use

Power beam device specifications


Sliding way

Double open

installation method

Surface mount

Door leaf weight

75kg or less × 2

Door leaf width



DC24V50W carbonless brush motor

Door opening speed

15-45cm / second (adjustable)

Closing speed

10-43cm / second (adjustable)

Door opening hours

0-8cm / second (adjustable)

Half-open function

Requires half-open connector

Manual thrust

42N or less

Collision function

Bounce under impact conditions


AC170-250V 50 / 60Hz

Input current (when AC 220V standby)


Input current (when AC 220V operates)


Ambient temperature

-20 ℃-+ 50 ℃

SOGO automatic door machine SOGO80_NSG80101 automatic door systemSOGO automatic door machine SOGO80_NSG80101 automatic door systemSOGO automatic door machine SOGO80_NSG80101 automatic door system

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